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This temple (called Thousand Pillar Temple after its sabhamandapa) was built at the Kakatiya capital in 1163 during the reign of Rudradeva, the first great monarch of the dynasty. The sanctuary houses three shrines, to Shiva, Vishnu, and Surya, around a mandapa with elaborate ceilings, columns and sanctuary entrance frames in the usual Kakatiya style. The south wall of the sanctuary, seen here, has a central projection converted into a shrine with extended eave and base and towered pediments. The corners of the walls are delineated with extra ornamentation consisting of a wide band of decoration at the centre with a projecting row of flowers. Below this are images of Vishnu and at the bottom a triple moulding with a framed image at the centre. Below this a continuous row of rudrakshas separates two deep horizontal recesses.

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