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Palampet Palampet
This monumental Siva Temple in the small village of Palampet is the best-preserved example of Kakatiya architecture. Unusually, the temple is named not after its patron but after its principal architect, Ramappa. It was built in the early 13th century by Recherla Rudra Deva, a general of the great Kakatiya ruler Ganapatideva. The Kakatiyas became the dominant power in Andhra Pradesh, at about the same time as the Hoysalas emerged in Karnataka. Their temple-styles have striking similarities such as lathe-turned, multifaceted pillars, and star-shaped mandapams with projecting porches and balcony seating. This is probably because they were both derived from late-Chalukyan examples.

Mandapa Walls


Wall Shrine

Mandapa Ceiling

Mandapa Basement

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