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Siva Kankalamurti
This sculpture, perhaps the most spectacular in the temple, is a classic depiction of Shiva as Kankala-murti. His feet are clad in wooden sandals, the right leg slightly bent forward in a gesture of movement. In one of his hands he holds the kankala-danda, placed horizontally on his shoulders. Another hand is in the kataka-mudra held near the mouth of a deer that rears up to it. Other hands hold a trisula and a damaru. Above his head is an elaborate makara-torana. His flowing jata spreads on either side of his mukuta. To his left is a bhuta-gana, carrying on his head a large bowl of rice. At the right edge of the pier is an image of a woman (probably Parvati) serving him rice with a ladle. The woman's dress is shown slipping down. Figures of gandharvas and rishis blessing Siva are above and to the right.

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